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the father essays

the father essays This essay sets out to assess the relative achievements of the totalitarian regimes of Hitlers Nazi Germany and Stalins Russia. In assessing the achievements of the regimes we must be careful not to judge them with the values of a western democracy at the end of the twentieth century. How they achieved power, consolidated that power, what changes they brought to their nations and what they in their time achieved for their nation, whether or not it was a lasting benefit, were achievements for the regimes even if we find them contrary to what we believe to be right and just by todays standards. Also in making an assessment of the achievements it would be wrong not to recognise the suffering that the people in each country had to endure for them to be achieved. Both regimes owe their rise to power in part to the outcomes of WW 1 which led to the revolution in each country.. The Bolsheviks came to power because of the discontent with the Tsars and the losses in the war against Germany. The Nazis because of the dissatisfaction in Germany with blame and the cost of reparations imposed upon it for the war. There were major differences between what the two regimes wanted to achieve. Russia in 1917 was basically an agrarian economy and the regime aimed not only to change the political system but all the social structure and institutions and rebuild into a Communist State. It also wanted to develop into an industrial power. However, in Germany the revolution that took place in 1918 changed Germanys political system but the social structure stayed the same. Even though the monarchy no longer existed the old institutions altered very little, and there were no basic changes within the teaching profession or the judiciary, mainly because the professi ons had little sympathy with the struggling republic. This was true also of most of the officer corps of the Reichwehr. The Treaty of Versailles basically left the German Empi...

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Year 1987 as a break point in the development of the chinese Fifth Essay

Year 1987 as a break point in the development of the chinese Fifth Generation filmmakers - Essay Example The decades also saw a rapid growth in the education of the people. A special group of people, studying the art of film making defied the norms for film making, questioning and scrutinizing every single act of their profession. They devised new methods of taking shots, and they were eager to showcase their talents and break the inherent rules of film making. The consequence of which is the birth of fifth generation filmmakers - Zhang Yimou, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Chen Kaige, etc. They revolutionized filmmaking and opened new markets for Chinese films in the West. The critically acclaimed western directors took notice of their talents and the films of these directors such as Yellow Earth, Red Sorghum, etc., won high accolades from the film ‘circle’. To analyze more about the development of fifth generation and its implications on the Chinese film industry, a critical review of the films released during that period can be taken into consideration. Xudong Zhang and Rey Chowâ₠¬â„¢s critical analysis of the films â€Å"King of the Children†, directed by Chen Kaige and â€Å"Red Sorghum† by Yimou Zhang can lead the right pathway to understand why 1987 is considered to be the breakpoint in the development of fifth generation filmmakers. ... It was the third film of Chen Kaige, revolving around a simple man, who goes out to a remote place, outside of his city to teach illiterate people. In the process, he finds out the troubles and suffering of the people with the lack of proper materials to educate themselves and the consequences of the socio economic changes. Chen tries to portray the lack of food, poverty, unemployment and lack of education prevalent in China during this period. In a period where martial arts and urban culture reigned supreme, Chen’s work proved to be an unthinkable one, defying the rules laid out by the censor boards of that time. Irrespective of all its critical appreciations, the film somehow failed to achieve commercial success both in international as well as domestic level. Xudong Zhang’s views According to Zhang, â€Å"King of the Children† released in 1987 needs to be appreciated for two major reasons – its aesthetic nature of film making and its bold way of storyte lling breaking all the norms of the social culture present in that era. Despite this and â€Å"Red Sorghum† being the only films with a more rural background of all the movies from the fifth generation film makers, they actually epitomized the significance of these people. What really impresses Zhang about the film is the ability and skill of the director to bring out his own personal experience combined with the social plundering happening across the country in a melancholic and subtle way, pushing the cinematic modernism to its peak. The thing that befuddles the author is the failure of the film which is considered to be the â€Å"ultimate emblem of China’s Fifth Generation Film† (Zhang 1997). Although the film maker considers it to be an expected occurrence from

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Recovery and Disposal of Solid Waste in Landfills Research Paper

Recovery and Disposal of Solid Waste in Landfills - Research Paper Example Recovery operations in a mixed-waste materials recovery facility involve manual and mechanical sorting. This aids in separating recyclables, which further undergo processing to meet some technical standards. Afterwards, the mixed waste stream might be sent to a landfill for further disposal. Disposal of waste in landfills may have created problems for people and the environment. Landfills that were not properly taken care of or handled led to the creation of various problems. The problems associated with landfills made it possible for people to create sanitary landfills. These are areas designed to isolate waste from the immediate environment until it is no longer a threat. It is in this area that the waste is considered completely degraded (Ramchandra 84). The flexible membrane in liners has allowed liners to temporarily address the issue of groundwater contamination. The clay soil that lines the sides and bottom of the landfills works toward protecting the surrounding groundwater from any leachate releases. The liners are then fitted with leachate collection and removal systems, which remove leachate for treatment and disposal (Jayarama

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Locke and Hobbes Essay Example for Free

Locke and Hobbes Essay How does the founders view of power affect the framers reactions to John Locke? According to Locke, how does man enter the political society and what is the purpose of that society? What obligations does the government have in the civil society? What obligation does the individual have? How do Hobbes and Locke differ? Do you think Americans would agree with Locke? You may read the first paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence to assist you. What evidence do you have to support your view? The founders believed that the power of government should be limited, so it doesnt trample on peoples natural rights. The framers thus wrote in guarantees that the government could not usurp individual freedoms. Locke believed that citizens gave their consent to the government so that society would operate freely and safely. Government should ensure equal opportunity and protection of political and property rights. The individual is obligated to participate in the political process, but abide by the governments rules. Hobbes is more pessimistic about how violent the state of nature would be and is therefore willing to give the government more power than Locke is. Yes, Americans seem happy that the government has power, but individuals retain rights as well. Unlike many countries, the United States has never had a revolt against its government in the last 200 years (The Civil War was something very different.)

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To Autumn †A Proclamation of Life and Hope Essay -- Keats To Autumn E

To Autumn – A Proclamation of Life and Hope  Ã‚   The poem "To Autumn" is an amazing piece of work written by one of the greatest poets of all time, John Keats.   From a simple reading, the poem paints a beautiful picture of the coming season.   However, one may wonder if there is more to the poem than what the words simply say.   After it is studied and topics such as sound, diction and imagery are analyzed, one can clearly say that Keats used those techniques to illustrate the progression of death, and to show that there is still life at the end of life.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   From the very beginning of "To Autumn,† sound appears to be an important aspect of Keats’s technique.   When the words are studied, there is an even mixture of loud and soft sounds.   Some soft sounding words – words that use consonant sounds that are soft when spoken such as an s -- include mists, close, son, bless, mossed, and trees.   There are also the hard sounding words – words that use consonant sounds that are loud when spoken such as a b or t -- like maturing, round, thatch, and budding.   The words do not appear to be randomly used, but they seem to have a pattern: the hard and soft sounds come in pairs.   In the second line, we see, "close bosom friend of the maturing sun.†Ã‚   Close and bosom go together, with close being loud and soft with the hard c and soft s, and bosom being loud and soft with the b and s.   The words â€Å"maturing sun† are not placed together haphazardly either.   Maturing is a v ery hard word with the m and t sound; sun is a very soft word, beginning with an s.   Also, in the third line Keats says, â€Å"Conspiring with him how to load and bless.†Ã‚   Autumn is conspiring . . . to load (loud due to the p and d sounds) and bless (soft due to the double s soun... ...cluding lively images such as crickets singing, red breasts whistling, and swallows twittering.   This ends Keats message of the vitality at the conclusion of life.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Keats used the poem "To Autumn" to illustrate the progression of death and the existence of hope and life in the face of impending death.   He uses sound by moving from a mixture of loud and soft words in stanza one, to mainly soft in stanza two, to a complete mixture in stanza three of soft then loud.   He also uses diction and imagery by reflecting the quick and kinesthetic constitution of youth, the slow and full characteristics of the coming death, and the arrested and barren traits of death, and finally, the resounding proclamation of life and hope in the very end.   Works Cited: Keats, John. "To Autumn." Columbia Granger's World of Poetry. CD-ROM. Rel. 2.2. New York: Columbia UP, 1995.

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Chem Paper

www. moalims. com KBSE Guess Paper IX Biology 2010 NEW PATTERN Section â€Å"A† (Multiple Choice Question) Q. 1. Prepare multiple choice questions from your text book. Section â€Å"B† (Short Questions Answer – Zoology) Q. 2. Define the following ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Physiology Ecology Cytology Taxonomy Palaeontology Genetics Bio-Chemists Embryology OR Write contributions of Al-Farabi, Ibn-Al-Haitham, Bu-Ali Sina in the field of Biology. Q. 3. Write contributions of Galileo, Robbert Hook, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Greogor John Mendal, Watson and Crick in the field of Biology. OR Write two verses about the origin of life. OR Describe the structure and functions of the Nucleolus. www. moalims. com www. moalims. com Q. 4. Draw and neat and labelled diagram of the Digestive System of Frog. OR Draw a neat and labelled of the Respiration System of Frog. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the Ventral view of Heart of Frog. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the Brain of Frog. Q. 5. Describe five kingdom classification Margulus and schwartz. OR Describe the structure and characteristics of Virus. OR Write four common characteristics of the following. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Phylum Protozoa Phylum Porifera Phylum Coelenterata Phylum Annelida Phylum Mollusca Phylum Echinodermata Phylum Arthropoda OR Write four common characteristics of the following ? Class Pisces www. moalims. com www. moalims. com ? ? ? ? Amphibia Reptilia Aves Mammalia Q. 6. Write down four functions of the blood. OR Name three important arteries of the Arterial System. OR What is Exoskeleton? Name two phyla of animals having exoskeleton. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the structure of human Eye. OR Write the names of any three Endocrine Glands. Also write the name of one harmone secreted by each of them. Q. 7. Write short note on the following ? ? ? ? ? Heroin Cocaine Marijuana Nicotine Alcohol Q. 8. Define the following ? Variations www. moalims. com www. moalims. com ? ? ? ? Crossing Over Biosphere Eco-System Predation Q. 9. Write short note on the following ? ? ? Thread Worm Liver Fluke Round Worm Section â€Å"B† (Short Answer Questions Botany) NOTE: Answer any SEVEN Question from this Section. Each Question carries (03) Marks. Q. 10. Define the following ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Biological Method Hypothesis Theory Bio-Technology Experiment Result Deduction Observation Q. 11. Define Genetic Engineering. ww. moalims. com www. moalims. com OR Write on function of each of the following. ? ? ? ? ? ? Mitochondria Golgi Bodies Ribosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum Centriole Vacuole Q. 12. What are Plastids? Describe any TWO types of Plastids. OR Write five differences between prokaryotic cell and a Eukaryotic cell. OR Define Tissue. Write the names of four types of Plant Tissues and describe t hem briefly. OR Write two functions of each of the following. ? ? ? Root Stem Leaf Q. 13. State the following parts of a Brassica Flower. ? ? ? Calyx Corolla Androceium www. moalims. com www. moalims. com ? Gyneocium OR Draw neat and labelled diagram showing the internal structures of a Rod-Shaped Bacterium. OR Define the following ? ? ? ? Pyrenoid Isogany Mycellium Hyphae OR Write four salient features of cynobacteria (blue-green algae). Q. 14. Write four characteristics of Fungi. OR Draw neat and labelled diagram of the internal structure of chlamydomones. OR Write four general characteristics of Bryophytes, Tracheophytes. OR Write three points of differences between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. OR With the help of a labelled diagram explain the structure of Adiantum, Ptris. Q. 15. Write three points between Monocot and Dicot. OR www. oalims. com www. moalims. com Write four importance o Vascular Plants. OR Define the following ? ? ? ? Parasits Saprophytes Insectivorous Plants Symbionts Q. 16. What is Pollination? Name its two types. OR Write advantages and disadvantages of Vegetative propagation. OR Write down four types of bacteria on the basis of nutrition and write twobeneficial and two har mful aspects of bacteria. OR Define the following terms ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Alleles Hybrid Allelomorph Homozygous Heterozygous Phenotype Genotype Dominant Character www. moalims. com www. moalims. com ? Recessive Character Q. 17. Describe the Law of Independent Assortment. OR Why is vegetative propagation ideal for growers? OR Define Photosynthesis? Write its chemical equation. OR How the excretion in plants is different from animals. OR Define Ecosystem and write the names of its components. Section â€Å"C† (Discriptive Questions Answer – Zoology) NOTE: Attempt TWO questions from this Section. Q. 18. Define Biogenesis and Abiogenesis and describe Needham, Louis Pasture's Experiment. OR Define Mitosis and Write the names of four phases of Mitosis. Q. 19. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of Arterial System of Frog. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the Eye of Frog. Q. 20. Define Metamorphosis and describe its two types. www. moalims. com www. moalims. com OR What is meant by Flora and Faunn? Write a short note on the Funna of Pakistan. Q. 21. Describe the process of digestion in Man. OR Define the term Ventilation. Q. 22. Draw two neat and labelled diagrams of showing the two stages of Ventilation i. e. inspiration and expiration in the Human Respiratory System. OR Draw neat and labelled diagram of the structure of human heart. OR Draw a labelled diagram of L. S. of human kidney. Q. 23. Draw and neat and labelled diagram of Human Brain. OR Draw a neat and labelled diagram of Human Eye, Human Ear. OR Describe the process of Asexual in Animal. OR Describe the process of reproduction and development in Frog. Q. 24. Describe Watson and Crick model of DNA. OR Describe Lamarck's theory of evolution in detail. OR www. moalims. com www. moalims. com Describe Darwin's theory of evolution in detail. OR Write in detail Abiotic components of Ecosystem. OR Define the following ? ? ? Carbon Cycle Water Cycle Nitrogen Cycle OR Write short note on the following ? ? ? Bacteria Protozoa Viruses Q. 25. Write short note on the following ? ? ? ? Influenza Poliomyelitis Measles AIDS OR Draw neat and labelled diagram of human tooth. Section â€Å"C† (Discriptive Questions Answer – Botany) www. moalims. com www. moalims. com NOTE: Attempt TWO questions from this Section. Q. 26. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of Root, Stem, Leaf. OR Explain the structure of Nostoc with the help of labelled diagram. OR What are heteropic plants? Write short notes on saprophytes and Insectivorous plants. OR With the help of diagram describe and experiment to show. ? ? ? Carbon Dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis. Oxygen gas is evolved during photosynthesis. Chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis. OR Which factors are necessary for photosynthesis? Describe them. OR How A. T. P formed in a cell? Explain. OR Write two similarities between respiration and combustion and two differences between photosynthesis and respiration. Q. 27. Define Transpiration. Write five factors affecting the rate of transpiration. OR With the help of diagram describe the physical properties of Xylum. OR Define two types of movements in plants and give one example of them. www. moalims. com www. moalims. com OR Describe Asexual Reproduction in plant. OR What is mean by dispersal of Seeds and Fruits? Describe any two methods of dispersal of Seeds and Fruits. OR Describe Mendel's Law of Segregation in detail. www. moalims. com

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Critical Thinking Is Not The Assault Of Sustained Thinking

Voltaire once said, â€Å"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking† (â€Å"Voltaire Quotes†) What Voltaire intended to convey was that extensive and critical thinking can allow people to arrive at rational solutions to problems. This is one of the reasons why the significance of thinking critically has become a popular issue that is discussed about in educational systems nowadays. It is imperative that students develop critical thinking skills and not just blindly be taught what to think, but rather how to think. Pure memorization will not lead to authentic learning; instead, encouraging critical thinking is what will help students evaluate problems and make reasonable decisions. As humans are susceptible to emotions, critical†¦show more content†¦Colleges strive to implement a curriculum that encourages students to think critically as developing this skill is crucial for them to be able to evaluate information from various perspectives throug h questioning to arrive at a conclusion. Since applying the familiar to the unfamiliar, analyzing situations from different points of views and digging under the surface level are skills that require practice to be learned, critical thinking should be tightly weaved into the reading and writing aspects of each course in college. According to The Perry Model of Intellectual and Ethical Development, students begin with dualistic thinking and â€Å"generally believe knowledge is certain and unambiguous† (Thoma). This explains how some people are afraid to think critically, because they are stuck with the mindset that there is only a right or wrong answer. As the students advance each stage in the Perry Model, they begin to accept multiple contexts and eventually come to accept the lack of certainty in the world. The need for answers from teachers or authority diminishes, and students realize the need to use complex reasoning to understand the uncertainties of the world instead. Hence, critical thinking skills develop over time, in which teachers act as catalysts for students to step out of their comfort zones. If